Safe-Flash isn't my only invention.  You can see some of the others below.

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Most kids today carry a backpack, book bag or computer bag to school but few have any reflective material built in and many are black.  The statistics for child-vehicle accidents are awful, especially after dark.  Adding a Safe-Flash reflector to your back to school list is a great way of adding safety for as little as $2, with free shipping.
Every year I donate as many reflectors as I can afford but in order to get Safe Flash 
reflectors on as many children as possible and quickly, I've come up with the idea of
dealing directly with parent groups, senior organizations and other charities such as the Guiding Eyes for the Blind. 

To any worthwhile group, I offer the reflectors at wholesale prices (50% off) so that the reflectors can be sold as a fundraiser rather than a sugary snack, though many groups choose to hand them out for free.

If that doesn't work for your group, I can simply give you a discount code  for 20% off, so that members of your group can save on their individual purchases.

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have and provide some samples for your
inspection.  If your group is interested, please contact me as soon as possible at
845-477-0737 or by email at

That's me. Gary Castelle

   You can call and speak directly to me at 845-477-0737

or email me at

I'm the president of Magnum Plastics Inc in Greenwood Lake, NY.  I've been designing
 & manufacturing products for over 30 years.  I've worked on all kinds of things from
 cell phone tower components to in store displays you've seen everywhere but I'm 
 probably best known  for inventing the Sill Shield windowsill protector (see the link on 
 the bottom of this page).

 None of my products has ever been as important as these one of a kind reflectors,
 since they can save a life, and I've priced them starting at $2 each with free shipping
 so there is no excuse for anyone to not have one.

Here's how it happened


 One evening, I was driving behind a school bus and I noticed that the bus was   
 pinstriped with reflective tape. 
I thought it would be a better idea to make the kids
since I'm not really worried about hitting a bus, especially one with big flashing      lights.  So I started to make some prototypes and after a few months of 
 experimenting, the SAFE-FLASH PERSONAL REFLECTOR was born.  Just peel one open  
 & wrap it around any strap, string, wire or thin pole.

 I've increased my production capabilities to be able to do custom orders, including 
 custom shapes, colors & printing.  You can find out all about that on the custom
 reflectors page.  I also have peel & stick reflectors and some new reflective products in the works.  In fact, each year I come out with something new.